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Next up in the Montana Sky Series and available for preorder is Singing Montana Sky, the story of opera singer Sophia Maxwell, who’s appeared in Sweetwater Springs Christmas and Mystic Montana Sky. Her hero is lumberjack Kael Kelly, who we caught a brief glance of in those same two books. Singing Montana Sky was supposed to be novella length to match Painted Montana Sky, the story of Sophia’s sister Lily. But doing research on opera stirred some story ideas, and I decided to make it a full length book.

Also available on preorder is Bright Montana Sky, the story of Constance Taylor, who's the daughter of the livery stable owner in Sweetwater Springs, and Dr. Cameron’s brother Angus. I seeded the future arrivals of both these characters in Stormy Montana Sky.

For the month of June, Amazon has put ten Montana Sky Kindle World books on sale for .99! Look on the Montana Sky Kindle World tab and see the books with the red tags on the covers

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Book Two in the Maxwell Sisters Trilogy

Beautiful, wealthy, and sophisticated, opera star Sophia Maxwell is living the life of her dreams. As the Songbird of Chicago, she’s lauded for her pure, rich voice and has a constant circle of admirers vying for her jaded attention. Then she loses her voice during a performance. Her doctor warns her to rest her larynx, or she’ll never sing again. Read more!

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Singing Montana Sky