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Amazon Kindle Worlds are fan fiction contracted stories written by guest authors in the Montana Sky Series, which includes my Mail-Order Brides of the West books. The Montana Sky series books range from stirring sweeping frontier romances to small, heartfelt stories of an individual overcoming obstacles and loss.

I’ve been excited about doing a Montana Sky Kindle World ever since Amazon first approached me about the possibility in 2014. But I knew I wasn’t ready to do my own world at that time. I had a few books I wanted to finish first, including Mail-Order Brides of the West: Prudence, which introduced readers to the mining town of Morgan’s Crossing, a two days ride from my small town of Sweetwater Springs. Having the two towns in my KW gives authors a larger scope for their stories.

Before opening this world, I thought about whether I could let go of the characters and towns I’ve created. Once I decided I could adopt a “hands-off” approach, I felt ready to jump into this opportunity and have fun!

After I first contracted with Amazon to have a Montana Sky Kindle World, I reached out to historical or contemporary Western romance authors to see it they wanted to write stories in my “world.” Most of these authors were already friends of mine, or I knew them from the Pioneer Hearts Facebook group. In addition, I’d read and enjoyed some of their books.

I wanted my guest authors to be able to tie their own series into mine. So in these KW stories, readers will see familiar characters from my books as well as characters that may have a connection to a guest author’s series. Aside from providing some guidance about my series, I haven’t had anything to do with writing these books. They will be as new to me as they are to the readers.

The awesome fourteen launch authors have primarily set their books in the mining town of Morgan’s Crossing, although some of the characters pass through Sweetwater Springs on their way to the mining town. I’m looking forward to reading these authors’ stories! Explore the books at:

Kirsten Osbourne
Louella Nelson
Linda Carroll-Bradd
Caroline Clemmons
Merry Farmer
Crystal Green
Cassie Hayes
Paty Jager
Sylvia McDaniel
Patricia Thayer
Carré White
Kit Morgan
E. Ayers
Cynthia Woolf

And you can also visit my Kindle Worlds page for more information.

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