Dear Readers,

Thank you for patiently waiting for Alana and Patrick’s story. I know I promised the novella a year and a half ago, but other deadlines, a move, home renovations, and just plain fatigue, got in the way.

I meant for An Irish Blessing to be the same length as A Valentine Choice, but Alana and Patrick’s story came out 21,000 words longer, and I suspect Catriona O’Donnell’s might as well. Sometimes characters have a will of their own, and gentle Alana sure came to have a feisty side.

Catri, the black sheep of the family, will be reunited with her sisters and have her own romance in the third book in O’Donnell Sisters Trilogy. I originally thought the novella would be titled Easter Reunion, but since isn’t Eastertime, I changed the title of Catri and Moss Buchanan’s book to A Rolling Stone. I wanted to call the story, A Family for Flea, but my editor, Louella Nelson, convinced me to make yet another title change. Lou didn’t think Flea was a good nickname for a baby. Moss happens to agree with Lou, and A Rolling Stone does fit better on the cover. But I’m still nicknaming the baby Flea, at least while in utero.

As always with my Montana Sky books, An Irish Blessing was tied into other books--Bridget and James in A Valentine Choice and Sally and Harry in Irish Luck (a story in the anthology Montana Sky Christmas.) Elizabeth Sanders was my very first heroine in Wild Montana Sky, although the book is no longer the first in the series because I’ve added a great many stories that come earlier in time. Henrietta, Rory, and the children play a part in Healing Montana Sky, and eventually K.C. Granger will have her own book, Montana Sky Justice.

While you are waiting for me to finish writing my stories, try reading Montana Sky Kindle World books. The Kindle World books are stories written by other authors set in Sweetwater Springs and Morgan’s Crossing, using my characters as background characters. Currently there are 24 stories, with more to come. Look for a whole new batch on December 15, 2016, just in time for the holidays—although they won’t all be holiday stories. Go to the Kindle World tab to find these books. Some of the authors are creating their own mini-series within mine, so scroll down and see which authors have two or more books.

Debra Holland


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Book Two in the Irish Sisters Trilogy

Healer Alana O’Donnell travels to her uncle’s home on the prairie outside of Sweetwater Springs to nurse her ailing aunt, leaving her twin Bridget behind at the Thompson ranch. Read more!

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