Beyond Montana's Sky

Beyond Montana's Sky

Montana Sky Series: Book 10

Edith Livingston Grayson can hardly wait to shake the dust of Sweetwater Springs, Montana from her silk skirts. Finally her exile to the small prairie town is over. She is returning home to Boston with her son Ben. Home to society. Home to educated, upper-class people. Home to the ocean. She can’t wait to attend cultured entertainments, shop in exclusive stores, sail in the harbor, and use indoor plumbing—well, her brother’s home in Sweetwater Springs had indoor plumbing--but most of the town did not!

But Edith’s triumphant return is not at all what she dreamed. She finds Boston society isn’t the same. Or rather, she isn’t the same. For she’s left a piece of her heart in Sweetwater Springs.

Yet, her son’s family is in Boston, and Ben will inherit their business. The kind of cultured, sophisticated men she’s interested in are in Boston. Indoor plumbing is in Boston—or at least the part of the city she frequents. 

Worst of all, Edith can’t help thinking of the rugged rancher she left behind—exactly the kind of man she doesn’t want, even if he does make her laugh. Cai Driscoll is bold, unpretentious, and firmly planted in the land of Montana. 

Edith resolves to put Cai out of her heart and find happiness beyond Montana’s sky. She almost succeeds, until her rancher comes to Boston and challenges everything she believes is important.

Beyond Montana's Sky by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Debra Holland is historical romance at its best—a warm, uplifting story of new love and second chances.

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