Lywin's Quest

Lywin's Quest

The Twinborne Trilogy: Book 1

For 1000 years the tranquil life of the people of the planet Ly-Lister has remained unchanged. Sacred amulets connect each individual to their God/Goddess, giving them empathic and healing abilities.

The serenity of ly-Lister is shattered by the invasion of the Stataros, who are ruled by Wilmar, an evil usurper. The Stataros murder the spiritual leaders and confiscate the amulets, demoralizing and enslaving the conquered people.

Twinborne Lywin is forced to assume his predestined leadership role when his twin sister is kidnapped and taken off-planet by the Stataros invaders. To save his people, Lywin must first reconnect them with their God/Goddess. Pursued through the dangerous wilderness, Lywin joins forces with the beautiful healer Melia. To find the deity’s secret domain, they must heal their disheartened people, battle the Stataros forces, and fight their forbidden love.

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