Reaper of Dreams

Reaper of Dreams

The Gods' Dream Trilogy: Book 2

Warring gods and goddesses
A captive prince
A woman from another world, fleeing her abuser
A realm enslaved to an evil god

Can the couple unite the slaves to escape the evil one?

"This book is full of romance and adventure... I can't wait for book number three." Linda Tonis, Paranormal Romance Guild

"I just finished this second book in the trilogy and all I can say is...can I have some more please???" Donna Renteria

“The world Debra Holland has created feels as real as the one we live in, and her characters make the story come alive with all the heroism we expect from the recurring characters from Sower of Dreams.” Bookblogger 101

“They were star crossed lovers from different worlds, mesmerizing characters that pulled at my heartstrings. Each had experienced terrible traumas and suffered horribly. Yet they were each charismatic and so inspirational…. With a solidly crafted plot, well-defined, genuine characters and crisp storytelling, this series continues to excite and excel.” Linda Townsend, Reading Between the Lines Book Club

"The second book in Holland's The Gods Dream Trilogy lives up to the excellent first volume in the trilogy. A captured prince tortured by an evil god finds his soul mate in an Earth woman badly wounded in body and spirit." Jacqueline Diamond 

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