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Beyond Montana’s Sky exists because some of you kept pestering me for Edith Grayson’s story. For a long time, I responded by saying, “Edith doesn’t have a story.” Finally, when Louella was editing Mystic Montana Sky, she told me I needed to write Edith’s story. I grudgingly agreed.

But Edith had to wait, because I planned three more books that came before Beyond Montana’s Sky, and then slipped in two more. Like with Montana Sky Justice, I didn’t know who Edith’s hero would be. Was he someone from Boston or Sweetwater Springs? Where would Edith ultimately end up? Not until I was writing A Late-Blooming Rose (Andre Bellaire and Rose Collier’s story) and pondering the hero for Beyond did rancher Cai Driscoll come to me. I had the best time typing out the opening scene. I loved Cai’s irreverent sense of humor and how he struck sparks in aristocratic Edith. Then I set aside Beyond and went back to writing Rose.

When the time came to start Beyond, I had to figure out why Cai and the Driscoll Ranch are never mentioned in earlier books. So I created the Driscoll family and their ranch hands to remain rather self-sufficient and rather reclusive. In that process, was born the Anderson family, whom I enjoyed very much. So much so, that you’ll see this multi-generational family again in future stories.

I hope you can enjoy escaping to 1896 Sweetwater Springs, Montana and Boston.


Happy Reading!

Debra Holland


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